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Let food be your medicine!
–  Hippocrates

Did you know that strawberries have ellagic acid to help shrink tumors or that eating blackberries will help to repair sun damaged skin. Garlic is a great antibiotic and can be used to treat tooth abscesses. Cranberries help prevent tumor formation and stop existing tumors from growing. Good health has everything to do with the foods you eat and the foods you choose not to eat. It is time to stop shunning those foods that promote good health and craving the foods that kill.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing and we all know someone who has cancer, diabetes; high blood pressure and heart disease and the numbers are staggering. So what are you going to do to protect yourself and your family? Taking Every “BITE” Seriously focuses on foods that reverse and heal disease. It provides a road map to optimal health, permanent weight loss, skin care, detoxification, by successfully navigating the perils of food safety, organic labeling, and dangerous food additives. The TEBS Book introduces you to hundreds of pages of superfoods – fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts, sprouts and seeds and gives their scientifically proven powers to heal various diseases and reverse conditions. When people learn which foods specifically target their health conditions, they are truly empowered to take control of their health. In addition, there are more than 12 pages of scientific studies referenced to support the healing powers of various food. We can reverse degenerative diseases by changing to a diet of delicious healing foods. The first job is to know which foods heal what. Taking Every “BITE” Seriously will teach you that and much more. You can be well again, but you must begin to take every “bite” seriously.

price: $29.99 | BUY NOW AT www.therawcafe.com
Published by Thirst for Righteousness Ministries | ISBN: 0-9714329-1-0


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